ProfiDrum Eco


The ProfiDrum Eco is perfect for the professional hobbyist who does not opt for a stainless steel system, but will not sacrifice the durability and reliability of his or her investment. The critical components are (like the ProfiDrum Stainless) made of stainless steel 316. The ProfiDrum Eco uses economical PolyPropylene material for the housing construction. A woven 70 micron stainless steel mesh cover the industrial filter panels inside the unit. On request, different mesh sizes are available, as well as nylon mesh. The ProfiDrum Eco electronic control box along with the drum motor operate on 110v current.





The ProfiDrum Control Unit provides:

  • The identification of the correct time for cleaning the drum.
  • The duration of the rinse itself. This time is adjustable from 2 seconds to several minutes. In practice, one wash of 10-12 seconds is average.
  • Controlling the motor to rotate the drum. The drum motor spins the drum during the flushing process so that integrated nozzles clean it. The waste tray then catches the flushed waste and removes it from the system.
  • Termination of the rinsing process as soon as the integrated system detects the required water level.