ProfiDrum CombiBio

The ProfiDrum CombiBio is the union of all our experience in the area of mechanical and biological filtration, resulting in a "Turn key" solution, you just connect the inlets and outlets to your pipeworks and connect the power plug. The system is based on the principle of a "moving bed" using the new ProfiDrum biocarrier that is brought into agitation using integrated aeration. The system is fully equipped including air pump and integrated high pressure pump (for the RDF cleaning), all contained in a secured and dry chamber. Our reliable Control Box unit is the partner of choice for the integrated drum, just as with our regular RDF drumfilters. And of course, the filter is delivered with a reduced installation height and cover.

The ProfiDrum CombiBio can be delivered in two compact sizes, with a maximum flow of 8,000gph or 13,000 gph of water.